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Ai no Kusabi

With Open Eyes Katze should never have gotten involved. Iason/Katze.

Antique Bakery

A New Arrangement Eiji surprises Tachibana. Tachibana/Kanda.

Death Note

Awakening Light has trouble thinking of L as human. Light/L.

Demon Diary

Follow the Leader Usually, Raenef deferred to Eclipse with an almost unseemly eagerness. Eclipse/Raenef V.

Eerie Queerie

Secrets to Tell Ichi pulls away from his friends. Hasunuma/Ichi/Mitsuo.

Saiunkoku Monogatari

The Way Home Shuuei knows the right way to go. Shuuei/Kouyuu.

Heart of the Matter Hakumei finds his place in the Department of Civil Affairs. Shuuei/Kouyuu.


Too Much to Say Things are awkward afterwards. Gojyo/Hakkai.

Chancing Happiness Gojyo tried to not make important decisions while drunk. Gojyo/Hakkai.

Samurai Champloo

Intimacy and Other Problems It's not that Mugen doesn't have scruples, but they tend not to be the same as other people's. Jin/Mugen.

Sensitive Pornograph

The Best Boyfriend Ueno gets to know Aki better. Ueno/Aki.

Wild Adapter

Still Breathing If you're breathing, you're alive. Kubota/Tokito.

Yami no Matsuei

Measuring Time Hisoka couldn't understand why they'd begin a relationship now. Tatsumi/Tsuzuki.

Quaint Honour Hisoka can do anything he puts his mind to. Including braid hair. Oriya/Hisoka.