by Jain

Written for Week of Weasleycest.

One winter, Charlie came home for Christmas, and Ron was taller than his older brother. It shouldn't have been so much of a shock. After all, he'd been taller than the twins for nearly two years, and Charlie only had a couple of inches on Fred and George. It was just that the twins were constantly in motion--up, down, every which way--so Ron never really felt that he was looking down at them. While Charlie...Charlie was short and compact and there.

"Look at you," Charlie said, half-admiringly, half-laughingly. Ron dropped his gaze and blushed. "You'll be taller than Bill, next."

Charlie pulled him into a hug, then, the first since he'd arrived--Ron had been waiting for it--and he was the perfect height for Ron to feel the lump of his cock press against the soft/firm warmth of Charlie's stomach. He wrapped his arms around Charlie and held him even more tightly.

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