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Harry Potter

Maundy Thursday "And I, too, knelt before that acolyte." Crossover. Draco/Wilfred Owen.

Unveiled "The cold hands / The sad eyes / The dark Irish silence." Crossover. Sirius/Chris Kirkpatrick.

Consideration Sirius is the soul of. James/Sirius.

Gemini Harry is drawn into Fred and George's circle. Fred/George/Harry.

Home for the Holidays Sirius knows what he wants for Christmas. Sirius/Remus.

Domesticity Being in love doesn't make everything perfect; it just makes it better. Harry/Ron.

Connections There's more than one way to pair off in a family. Charlie/George.

Unexpected Ron shouldn't have been surprised. Charlie/Ron.

Expiation Percy's only doing what needs done. Charlie/Percy.

Taking Care Being an older brother is a responsibility. Charlie/Fred.

Obscured A different sort of mischief. James/Remus.

Flying Lessons Remus volunteers his help. Remus/Peter.

With Both Hands Grasping for happiness over the course of a year. Sirius/Fred/George.

Panglossia Learning to live with the best of all possible worlds. Marcus/George.

Preparation Ron decides what he wants out of life. Kingsley/Ron.

Reassurance Remus and Draco look out for each other. Remus/Draco.

Collared Sirius is brought to heel. Sirius/Remus.

Tension Draco tests his boundaries. Snape/Draco.

The Best Policy Harry demands absolute truthfulness. Sirius/Harry.

A Season in Hell They're all doing their best to survive. Sirius/Remus/Draco.

Obedience Training Sirius is delivered into the hands of his most hated relative. Sirius/Bellatrix.

Like a Scene Cut in Cameo "O early love unfortunate and hard." Sirius/Regulus, Regulus/Bellatrix, Bellatrix/Ginny.

Dear Charlie A postcard from China. Charlie/Harry.

Earnest Grasping It's nothing that Remus wants to discuss with Sirius. Remus/Regulus.

That Which Was Lost After the war, they still have their battles to fight. Sirius/Harry.

Extenuating Circumstances Harry's gotten used to doing whatever needs done. Harry/Draco.

A Little Out of Touch Charlie drops by for a visit. Charlie/Fred/George.

Gifts from the Heart Remus thinks Tonks would make a good distraction. Sirius/Remus/Tonks.