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Hikaru no Go

Personal Territory Hikaru was going to find whoever it was who had spiked the punch and kill him.

How Certain the Journey "Strange how I know inside you. I measure the time, and I stand amazed." Ogata/Akira.

Midnight Game They didn't talk, but somehow Hikaru felt as though they were having a conversation, anyway. Hikaru/Touya Kouyo.

Unexpected Developments Waya's affectionate when he's drunk. Akira/Waya.

Sharing Space After having roomed in various hotels with either Waya or Shindou, rooming with Touya was a pleasant change. Isumi/Akira.

Breath and Shadow Sai laughed at the idea of a ghost haunting a house at ten in the morning. Sai/Hikaru.

Bus Stop, Wet Day Isumi and Waya share an umbrella. Isumi/Waya.

Playing the Game Tennis and go don't have very much in common. Crossover.