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Backstreet Boys

Surprise Nick grows up, Brian suffers various crises, and Howie is a good friend. Howie/Brian.

Some Sort of Future Sequel to Surprise. Howie was waiting for Brian to decide when they should come out to the group. Howie/Brian.

Hair Howie tries to change, with varying degrees of success. Howie/AJ.

Predator (Prey) Howie isn't in love with Nick. Howie/Nick.

Payback The definition of family. AJ/Nick.

Inside Out Kevin is not having a midlife crisis. Kevin/Nick.

'N Sync

Better Than Fine Chris isn't sick anymore. Really. Chris/Lance.

Yield Chris tries to play the age and experience card. Chris/Justin.

Competition "What do you mean, 'Nick Carter's hotter'?" Chris/Lance.

Early Sunday Morning Breakfast at JC's house. JC/Joey/Justin.

Unveiled "The cold hands / The sad eyes / The dark Irish silence." Crossover. Chris/Sirius Black.

Backstreet Boys/'N Sync

Matters of Style AJ was bored in the middle of a sex shop. Howie/JC, AJ/Lance.

Obedience Justin's a good boy. AJ/Justin.

Touchable AJ's always wanted to touch Justin. AJ/Justin.

Company Coping strategies should always include black nailpolish. AJ/Lance.

Hospitality Howie attempts to be the consummate host. Chris/Howie.

Taking the Heat Summer in Florida, Chris, and Nick's kitchen. Chris/Nick.